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I'm Ethan Weinberger. After a brief stint in the hedge fund world I'm now a Ph.D student in machine learning at the University of Washington.

The world of AI has had some real breakthroughs mixed with massive amounts of cash and wildly speculative claims - a perfect recipe for BS. Kernels of Truth takes a deep dive into recent work in the field to determine whether reality matches up with the hype.

twitter: @efweinberger, email: ethan [at] honestyisbest [dot] com.

July 14, 2020

RoboCop and You: Why Facial Recognition Discriminates

Machine learning research moves fast - fast enough that we’re still very far from having any kind of strict code of ethics or set of regulations as in medicine. As a result, pseudoscience-esque research has a tendency to crop up every now and then, as it did two weeks ago when Harrisburg University issued a now-deleted press release praising one of its research groups for developing an algorithm to predict a person’s “criminality”…

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June 25, 2020

In AI, Money & Attention Are All You Need

The invention of Transformer models has turned out to be one of the most influential developments in recent machine learning history. Transformers are designed to excel at problems involving human language, such as translating between two languages or summarizing long articles into single paragraphs. While previous deep learning models performed far better than classical, non-deep models at such tasks, they still struggled when presented with long sentences with complex structure…

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